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Conventional Oil Change Service

As a dealership committed to automotive service excellence, we would like to invite you and your car, truck, van, or SUV to our service department for its next conventional oil change service. Our conventional oil change services are completed by well-trained and experienced technicians ready to install manufacturer authorized conventional motor oil and genuine OEM oil filters. We provide quality oil change services for all makes and models with gasoline or diesel engines, including Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep Ram, Buick GMC, Ford, and Toyota.  

All About Conventional Motor Oil

Conventional motor oil has been around for as long as the combustion engine; this history is why today conventional oil is commonly referred to as standard, traditional, or regular motor oil. This oil type is petroleum-based made from crude mineral oil extracted from the ground. Today’s conventional oil contains additives that help to improve its performance within the engine’s extreme environment.

Why Oil Changes are Essential Engine Maintenance

Beyond the benefits of fresh motor oil keeping the internal parts lubricated well, changing the oil at the specified mileage cleans the engine. Motor oil will not only form into a sludgy consistency, but it also picks up other contaminants like dirt, metal shavings, and other debris. Routine oil changes clean out the debris and introduce fresh lubricant of the highest integrity for maximum engine lubrication.

When Does Conventional Oil Need to be Changed? 

Despite the technological advancements that improve its performance, conventional motor oil needs to be changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles depending upon the manufacturer’s recommendation found in the owner’s manual.

Conventional Oil Change Service at Briggs of Fort Scott 

Oil change service features a highly trained technician with extensive hands-on experience servicing all makes and models. We will remove the old oil from the engine, remove the old oil filter, install a genuine OEM oil filter, and manufacturer-authorized conventional motor oil to specifications.

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