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Fall Maintenance Service

We can begin this discussion with the understanding that all vehicles have essential components, yet many of these components have a tough job with unique life-limiting designs. Preparing your vehicle for the fall is about ensuring the readiness of these essential components when colder weather arrives. If you could use a little professional assistance to ensure that your vehicle is prepared for fall performance, we invite you to get a fall preparation multi-point inspection at Briggs of Fort Scott.

Start with a Fall Preparation Multi-Point Inspection

Preparing a vehicle for the fall in the best way requires a thorough and comprehensive strategy, including a multi-point inspection that includes all major systems and components. This is the ideal way to select the best maintenance strategy entering the fall season with colder temperatures ahead. A highly trained and experienced technician with hands-on experience working with all makes and models will complete your inspection quickly and accurately.

What is Included in a Fall Preparation Multi-Point Inspection?

Although a multi-point inspection includes many more components, there are some of the more important items to inspect given their essential job, unique design, safety value, and relatively short service lives among other automotive components: 
Tire Inspection – Tires are made of rubber ideal for gripping the road but will wear rapidly under some circumstances. We will inspect all tires for physical damage, measure the remaining tread depth, and check the inflation pressures. 
Battery Inspection & Testing – The battery is vital for starting the engine yet it is a battery that will only last for a few years under favorable circumstances with extreme temperatures being a significant threat. We will inspect the battery for physical blemishes, including case disfiguration and fluid leaks. We will then perform two electrical performance tests to confirm adequate reserve capacity and cold-cranking amps.  
Wiper Blades Inspection & Replacement – Windshield wiper blades are essential for visibility and safety yet they are rubber that simply will not last long. We will inspect the wiper blades for performance decline and rubber damage, replacing them as needed when found to be defective.  
Primary Heating Components Check – The heater and defroster need to be at their best when cold weather arrives with the possibility of sub-zero temperatures. 
Comfort Heating Inspection – we will also check the performance of the seat warmers and steering wheel warmers for equipped models. 

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